Retrieving Master List from Horizon


This procedure is be used to retrieve the VIDEO/AUDIO/LARGE PRINT rotation master lists.


1. In Horizon double click on the Inventory Folder.


  1. Next, double click on the Report Missing Inventory option.


  1. You should see a Compound Search Window. This compound search window will allow you to search for all packet materials by collection code (alvrot/alarot/allgpt and location code (your library). From this point select the SEARCH button at the bottom. Horizon will generate a list of all materials form the rotation packets that are still assigned to your location.


  1. At this point use the DISPLAY button at the bottom of the window to add the copy field (this will show/add the packet number to the list).


  1. Then click on the SORT button at the bottom of the window.


    1. Click on the Title option for Video and Audio (this will sort switch title to the first position). Click ok.
    2. Click on the Call no. option for Large Print (this will sort the titles by genre, collection and cutter). Click ok.


  1. Items will be displayed in alphabetical order. Print list if you do not have one.