Large Print Procedures


Checking in a new packet:


  1. Check all the large print books in. Hit enter on your keyboard or select OK to acknowledge the check in note.


  1. In Administration, click on the Item Group Editor, search for Copy (example LGPT PKT 30 if this were packet number 30) AND Collection (allgpt). Note the items that do not have your location code as these items were not included with the packet and should come in later to your library from the previous library on the rotation schedule. (Note also at the bottom of the screen that you can Sort this list by title or call number. If you use the full screen by closing the navigation bar, you can print the screen sorted by title or call number. To bring the navigation bar back, just click on View at the top of the screen and select Navigation Bar.) Highlight the items with your location code and click Edit and select OK that you want to make a batch change to all items. Change the iType to match your library and select Save and Close.


Sending a packet to the next location:


  1. In Administration, click on Item Group Editor and check Append List box. Scan all of the books. Highlight all of the books, select edit and OK. Change the location to the library to which you are sending the packet. Add a check in note which will be the word “rotate” along with the next rotation date (example: rotate 12/10/2010). Save and Close. In Circulation, check in all the books: during this process, you will hit enter twice to acknowledge the check in note and the location change for each item.


  1. Include the original master lists (one is sorted by title and one is sorted by genre) in the packet and ship the packet by the rotation date. Contact Paula Stanaway at ALS if you are missing the master lists as she can provide new ones.



To report missing titles, complete the form at


The current schedule is at